Jay Otter

Blue Collar Online Marketing


If you haven’t guessed already, my name is Jay Otter.  I am a father, a husband, entrepreneur and a freedom seeker, oh and to be honest I am 100% Blue Collar and a little Red Neck I am also a construction worker.  A construction worker with a dream, the dream of one day working from home so I can spend more time with my family.

I built this website because I feel your pain. I have spent thousands of dollars on make money from home products, and software’s. It seems I have found my calling and that is to give honest accurate reviews of products, namely in the online marketing space.

I am also a recovering alcoholic/addict. Eight years ago I made the decision to change my life.  42 days in treatment and one relapse later I now have 8 years sober and 6 years drug free.  It was also 8 years ago when I started researching how to make money online. After five years of failure I finally had my first win, and the wins have kept on piling up.

Six years ago I officially started dating my now wife Vanessa and two and a half years later we were blessed with our first child, Maeve Elise. I am also happy to announce that in approximately 4 days give or take, we will be having our second..  Good Times.

I still work construction but my passion lies with my online business and that is where I am focusing all my extra energy. My goal is to be working full time from home in the next 3 years and hopefully help some of my readers/watchers do the same.

Thanks for checking out my site, if you got any value at all please comment below I would love to connect with you.


Jay Otter