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Welcome to JayOtter.com aka Blue Collar Online Marketing, where you will get in depth, honest reviews of products, software’s and opportunities that will hopefully take you from a struggling online marketer to a successful one.

I have been in this game for about 8 years, from list building, t-shirt selling, e-commerce, network marketing …..  you name it I have tried it.  I have been purchasing products online for years and while there are a ton of great products out there, there is a ton of crap.  That’s where this site fits in I am here to sift through the crap to give you the Gold.

The name Blue Collar Online Marketing comes from my construction background. I am currently a laborer for a utilities contractor but prior to this I was a mason tender for 20 years.  Slugging bricks and blocks, mixing mortar and building scaffold sucks…..but I was a trooper and really good  at it. It paid good  (mostly because no one else wanted to do it) but it is hard on the body which is why I switched over to utilities about 8 months ago.

My goal is to be a full time online marketer within the next 3 years so I can spend more time with my growing family.  I am serious about the growing family part as my wife Vanessa is due with our second child in about 3 days…. What am I doing writing this post, shouldn’t I be getting ready for the new baby????

With that being said, please allow me to sift through the crap for you, to save you precious time and money. Stay tuned for updates about my business, my growing family, and my recovery (I am also a recovering alcoholic/addict) plus a ton of no BS reviews.

Thanks for stopping by..

Jay Otter

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